His Excellency Dr. Ioan Robu

The Blue Cross Order is a 'private' association of the Roman Catholic Church and made lawful by the Metropolitan Archbishop of Bucharest Dr. Ioan Robu's Decree no. 552/26.06.2008. The Order acts in conformity with the regulations of Canon Law of the Roman Church Title V, Can. 312 and in accordance with the Civil Law of Romania.

All heraldry contained in this site, unless specifically indicated as belonging to other persons or institutions, is copyright to the OCC. All photographs also belong to the OCC unless indicated otherwise.

St. Benedict's Icon on the Homepage is a creation of Ms. Lucia Bernard and is also the property of the Blue Cross Order.

Should you have further queries about our Mission or need any more information about the activity of the Order, you are encouraged to contact us.

Date of the last website update: 16.05.2018.

Pope Francis