1. Is the Blue Cross Order a chivalric Order?

    Answer: No, it is not! The Association is a symbolic 'order' that refers to the strict rules of conduct which are to be closely followed by all its members, and to the certain conditions prior to getting the status of full membership.

  2. Is the Blue Cross Order affiliated to any organisation?

    Answer: The Blue Cross Order is a Lay-Religious NGO belonging to the Roman Catholic Church, which has been legitimated by the Decree of the Metropolitan Archbishop of Bucharest. The legitimacy of the Order derives from its double juridical status, for it legally acts in conformity with the Canon Law of the Roman Church and the Civil Law of Romania where it has been registered.

  3. If the Blue Cross Order is an ecumenical group, why does it not include other protestant or neo-protestant denominations?

    Answer: We see unity as one of the outstanding and obvious will of Christ, whilst most of the above denominations regard their separation as a proof of their legitimacy; For we see the Holy Eucharist as the centre of the spiritual life, whilst most of the above denominations consider it as a symbol only; we see the reunification between the Apostolic Churches as being the first and main step in the long road of the unity of all Christians.

  4. Does it mean that the Blue Cross Order do not encourage the dialogue with protestant and neo-protestant denominations?

    Answer: Not at all, on the contrary, our Association does encourage the dialogue between all Christians which are regarded as 'brothers in Christ'. It is our determined charisma that the Organisation should be focused initially on the dialogue between the two Apostolic Churches.

  5. What is Christian in the OCC's view?

    Answer: In our view, a Christian is that person who is a practicing believer in the whole Dogma of the Holy Trinity, in the same unaltered form as it was established and promulgated by the Church's Ecumenical Councils.

  6. Is the Blue Cross Order a Masonic group?

    Answer: No, it is not a Masonic group; furthermore, the Blue Cross Order shall never develop contacts with either Masonic lodges or any other organisations which promote forms of Christian faith other than those permitted by the Universal Church.

  7. Why is the membership to the Blue Cross Order restricted to male persons only?

    Answer: The 'core' of people which formerly created the Blue Cross Order were male and the new members were male too; it was therefore a matter of choice to remain so; we also have in mind to develop that kind of fellowship which has always existed within the monastic orders.