"Verbum enim crucis pereuntibus quidem stultitia est:
iis autem qui salvi fiunt, id est nobis, Dei virtus est."
[I Ad Corinthos 1, 15]


  • We believe in the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; One God almighty and the whole Godhead. We believe in the Holy Trinity, co-essential, consubstantial, co-eternal, and co-omnipotent; of one will, power and majesty; the Creator of all creatures, by Whom are all things, and in Whom are all things, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, corporeal and spiritual; in one God, true, full and perfect;
  • We believe in the Church which is One, Holy and Apostolic, which will be united again as Christ Jesus Himself created it: "Ut omnes unum sint, sicut Tu Pater in Me, et Ego in Te, ut et ipsi in Nobis unum sint.";.
  • We believe that the journey of Christ's Church began in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost and its original expansion in the oikoumene of that time was centred on the Apostle Peter and the other Eleven Apostles (cf. Acts 2:14). The structure of the Church in the East and the West evolved in reference to that Apostolic heritage. Her unity during the first millennium was maintained within those same structures through the Bishops; Successors of the Apostles, in communion with the Bishop of Rome. If today, in the beginning of the third millennium we are seeking to restore full communion, it is to that unity, thus structured, to which we must look (John Paul II, Encyclical Letter of 1995 Ut Unum Sint);
  • We believe in the fraternity of all Christians and in the civilisation of love among all humans. The Blue Cross Order welcomes anyone who wishes to become a servant and a knight of Christ Jesus, for the glorification of God; for unity between human beings; for sharing the same spiritual goals; for counseling, for brotherhood and for loyalty. For pursuing love and unity between the two Apostolic Churches until they become One, Holy and a United Church of Christ. For the promoting of Christian ethics, for the support of the Truth and for the searching the divine mysteries.


The scholastic activity of the Order shall be orientated towards the following areas of study and scientific research:

  • the history of ancient Europe and of the Mediterranean world;
  • the history of the Christian Church;
  • the history of the Christian art;
  • medieval philosophy;
  • theology;
  • classic (ancient) languages;
  • genealogy and heraldry;
  • chivalric orders and other medieval religious institutions.
    (The Rule, Chapter X)


The ecumenism of the Blue Cross Order shall closely follow the rules of the Charta and shall be promoted in conformity with the principles of the Pontifical Decrees and Apostolic Constitutions:

  • To pursue the reunification of the two Apostolic Churches, in the will of Christ: "Ut omnes unum sint, sicut Tu Pater in Me, et Ego in Te, ut et ipsi in Nobis unum sint".

  • To encourage and support the ecumenical dialogue between the two Churches, in the spirit and principles of the Florence Ecumenical Council of 1439 (Definitio Lætentur Cœli), which affirms that the barrier dividing the Eastern Church and Western Church shall be removed, and that at last there may be but one Church, firmly established on Christ Jesus, who shall make both into One.

  • To promote Christian fellowship and support the formation of a tolerant opened society which preserves the teachings of Christ and the traditions of the Holy Church.