• The Blue Cross Order is an official Catholic NGO decreed by His Excellency Dr. Ioan Robu, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Bucharest, in conformity with the regulations of Canon Law Title V, Can. 312 and registered in the Registry Office for Associations and Foundations of Romania no. 30/I/A/11.10.2001.
  • The Blue Cross Order is a non-governmental Organisation registered in Romania whose main goals consist in the scientific study and historical research of medieval, religious and chivalric orders, and of the Christian Church.
  • The Blue Cross Order is a scholastic, non-profit, non-political and independent Association which takes its inspiration from the highest principles of chivalry and Christian values.
  • The Blue Cross Order shall promote the active practice of the principles of the Lay Apostolate addressed by His Holiness Pope Pius XII, and in conformity with the Pontifical Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity Apostolicam Actuositatem promulgated by His Holiness Pope Paul VI.
  • The Blue Cross Order will make every effort that is required to support the reunification of the two Apostolic Churches, which are the Eastern Church and the Western Church. To become One, Holy and Apostolic, firmly established in Christ Jesus.
  • The Protector and the spiritual Patron of the Blue Cross Order is Saint Benedict of Nurcia. The official Day of the Order is on July the 11th.