• The Blue Cross Order is structured in two administrative divisions: the Preceptory and the Priory. One Preceptory is made of two or several Priories acting on the territory of the same country (or independent territory).

  • The General Capitulum (quorum) is made of the total number of founding-members and full-members of the Blue Cross Order. It shall be empowered with elective prerogatives in the purpose of designating the leading institutions of the Order.

  • The heads of the Blue Cross Order are: the Patron of the Order, the Master of the Order and the Grand Council.


  • The membership of the Blue Cross Order shall be open to men who are ecumenically-minded Christians, belonging to either the Catholic or Orthodox Church and who shall prove a sustained intellectual and moral behaviour. Exceptionally, the membership of the Order may be opened to persons of protestant affirmation, who will prove an undoubted dedication to the principles of Charta.

  • The Blue Cross Order has three levels of membership: founding-member, full-member and aspirant-member.

  • The aspirant-member is to be supported by a founding-member or a full-member of the Order, who shall also counter-sign the commendation letter in support for the aspirant's application.

  • The aspirant-member shall first pass a probationary period named novitiate, following a special programme designed by the General Council of each National Preceptory where the application is forwarded. During the probation period, which shall have no time limits, the aspirant's performance will be closely supervised by the Master of the Order himself, or by an official, designated by the General Council.

  • The novitiate is characterised by a sustained practice of Christian ethics, through obedience towards the teachings of the Church and through the exercise of specific activities and obligations in support of the mission of the Blue Cross Order.

  • Those who shall have successfully passed their probationary period and have made their Oath of Loyalty shall receive the status of full-membership. This oath shall be made within the assembly of the extraordinary reunion of the Order.

  • The membership of the Blue Cross Order shall not be withdrawn under any circumstances.
    (The Rule, Chapter IX))